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A Lost Director and Script Miss Out On a Great Cast and Premise

With an amazing cast full of Oscar and Emmy winners and a killer premise, where can it go wrong? As Hollywood shows us yet again, anything is possible. Triple 9 wasn’t able to grasp its cast or its subject, resulting in a sluggish film.

Triple 9 is a crime movie, about bank robbers who work for the Russian mafia in Atlanta, Georgia. (The thiefs are played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Anthony Mackie, and Clifton Collins Jr.) A majority of these men also happen to be city cops, and they want to get out of the grip of the Russians (their head portrayed by Kate Winslet), but the mafia wants the group to do one last job before they let them go. Meanwhile we also have the story of a rookie cop played by Casey Affleck, who moves to the big city with the help of his detective uncle (played by Woody Harrelson); he is straight and clean and sniffs out that the police force in Atlanta is not what it seems to be.

The premise seems pretty interesting, but unfortunately the film forgets about being Triple 9 and tries to imitate other big heist and crime films like Heat and The Town. The main blame here goes to the script. The opening scene is that of a bank robbery, and it’s entertaining and thrilling, but the rest of the nearly 2 hours until the finale is simply mushy dialogue that brings no depth to our characters whatsoever. I was extremely angry with how two-dimensional they had made Gal Gadot (who play’s Chiwetel’s wife) and Teresa Palmer’s (play’s Case Affleck’s wife) characters.

But the majority of the blame for the character work has to go to director John Hillcoat, who seems as lost with the story as the audience is by the end of the movie. This left the actors to really fend off for themselves; we see Ejiofor and Winslet put an immense amount of effort in their characters, but they just seem to be all over the place. The only actor who was able to make himself heard and captivating was Casey Affleck. He does a stupendous job and proves that he is a truly amazing actor.

In the end Triple 9 is a wasted opportunity. The great cast struggles too much with the lack of leadership, and the story is lost in the confusion of the script writers. 







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