The LEGO Movie

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An Incredibly Original Film that Revolutionizes Storytelling in the Way Toy Story Did

Who remembers the first time they saw Toy Story? It was a revolutionary feeling, such a creativity and humor that glued adults and children to the screen. It’s hard to imagine anything come close to what Toy Story achieved, but I’m surprised to say that such a movie has lived up to the caliber. The Lego Movie looked, upon the trailer, like a mess of cheesiness and forced jokes. However, I was very wrong and how I liked being mistaken this time. The Lego Movie was such a leap of originality and creativity that I truly am capable of saying it’s the next step from Toy Story.

What was so great about the story? The fact that being out of the ordinary or being ordinary at all is ok. The story follows the life of an ordinary construction Lego named Emmet who thinks everything about his life is awesome: from the $37 coffee, to his only TV show “Where are my Pants,” and even to having his plants as only companions. His positive attitude is even inflated with the super catchy song, “Everything is Awesome!!!” However in an accident on Emmet’s construction site, Emmet finds himself thrown into the world of master builders who fight against Lord Business (voiced by a hilarious Will Ferrell) who strives to stamp out all creativity. Emmet is seen as the chosen one by the Master Builders, the one who is meant to stop Lord Business’ evil plan. So Emmet teams up with the likes of Wild Style (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett), and Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) to set off on an epic journey to find his creativity and save the Lego world.

The first aspect of the film that I want to take in is how the movie took into account the idea of creating the animated world feel like the plastic Legos we actually play with. The description I’m trying to make is similar to how the plastic of toys or cloth is portrayed in Toy Story. That animation itself was eye candy for me; added to the fact that everything was made of Legos. When I say “everything” I mean “everything” literally the explosions, fire, and dirt were all made out of Lego pieces, that in itself was winning me over as well. Later on as the story progressed I appreciated how the humor didn’t die down or run out throughout the whole movie. It was sustained during the duration with an expert hand. But certainly what gave this film the final push was the way that the ending was resolved: spectacularly. The story was perfectly set up to its climax, but as you got there you began wondering: “how is this all going to end properly?” I don’t want to give any spoilers, so go see the movie; whether it’s with adults or children, this movie is for all ages and a film for the ages. 








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