The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

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The Unnecessary Split of the Last Book Brings the Franchise to An Unsatisfying End

It is sad to see a franchise go to this end. I had stated in my review for Mockingjay Part 1 that these films have been taken over by the greed of Lionsgate trying to make more money. The problem was the successful example that Harry Potter had set out, by splitting its last book into two movies and doubling profits. However, some franchises have to realize that they are not wizards.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is the continuation of the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. In Part 1 we left off with Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) attempting to murder the symbol of the rebellion, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). Peeta has been brainwashed by the evil dictator: President Snow (Donald Sutherland), but the rebellion led by President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) and Plutarch Heavensbee (the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman) is closing in on the capital; they continue to wave Katniss in front of their troops as motivation. However, in search of the propaganda acts in the capital city, Katniss and her escort fall onto some unexpected traps.

The bar had been set pretty low, but this film managed to go beyond that. What maddened me most was that it was stretched and lengthened so obviously. The actors talk between the longest of pauses, so that it seems like they always forget their lines and their ques. Then there are completely useless scenes that neither moved the story along, provided character development, nor even distributed screen time amongst the stellar cast.

And this brings me to my second issue, which I also had mentioned in my review of the last installment: the cast is wasted! Yes we have Jennifer Lawrence and she is great, she makes the boring caricature of what Katniss’ character has become, seem interesting and even likeable. But when you have the following names in your cast and you use them more like extras than supporting players (or even cameos), it is a disgrace and embarrassment: Julianne Moore, Liam Hemsworth, Jena Malone, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Jeffrey Wright, Natalie Dormer, Gwendoline Christie, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, and Mahershala Ali (you will know him for playing Remy in House of Cards). Hell, even the terrible Josh Hutcherson did an ok job, but he too was underused.

The incredible amount of air and nothingness that is crammed into this film is irritating, and I can honestly admit to you all that you might as well skip the first hour and a half of the film, because nothing happens. The last 45 minutes are the only ones where we find some form of entertainment in the entirety of the two Mockingjay films. We finally get some is tension filled exploring, deep campfire talks, betrayals inside their own, and even a zombie attack (gee that’s doesn’t sound like The Walking Dead). But even so these moments aren’t worth the ticket price. The film’s ending has a twist that could have amazed us all if we had ended up caring about the characters. The first two films in the franchise had brought a beloved book to life with so much care, but this unnecessary book split has caused the whole film to fall apart: actors, story, and now the audience. But after the twist, when you think you finally made it through, the film pulls a Lord of the Rings and starts teasing you endlessly making you think it ends, but it just keeps going… and going… and going…

In the end the final consensus is this: the book should have been one movie, and even then it would have needed some stretching out. The only thing that you salvage emotionally from the picture is a letter written by Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character, Plutarch, to Katniss; if one hears this letter as written, not by Plutarch, but by Seymour Hoffman, it can be enough to bring tears into your eyes. Good-bye Phil.








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