Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

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J.J. Abrams Successfully Reboots the Disney Blockbuster

So here it is, the most awaited film of the year: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The seventh installment in the franchise is the first to have no collaboration whatsoever from creator George Lucas. The film is helmed by J.J. Abrams, and the great marketing campaign and secrecy with the plot have helped boost the expectancy for the film, something dangerous, but which ended up proving very fruitful.

It’s hard for me to try and explain the plot here, because I think a large part of the enjoyment I took from the film was from knowing nothing whatsoever from it. I’ll try to give you a general feel without revealing too much. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there is a new villainous group called The First Order, headed by the Darth Vader-like Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), they have revamped chaos and warfare among the galaxies and have sent Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer) and her friends into hiding and under the banner of The Resistance. Meanwhile, a young Storm Trooper from the First Order named Finn (John Boyega), deserts the cult and flees to the desert planet of Jakku where he meets the cute droid BB-8. BB-8 might have some crucial information to help the Resistance gain the upper hand. Along the way, Finn bumps into familiar characters (Han Solo is back), and some new ones as well (newcomer Daisy Ridley plays the scavenger Rey).

The film mixes parallels to the original Star Wars trilogy (especially Episode IV – A New Hope) and adds some new twists and turns, this allows for new and old fans to both find entertainment; however I feel like the general structure of this film’s story might be a bit too similar to other films in the franchise, so that it was on the border of nostalgia and copying. Even so, the story is crafted with a lot of care, and is intricately sewn together by the expert hand of the writers.

But we mustn’t forget that this is a blockbuster, and being a blockbuster you can either follow the dark and gritty feel of The Dark Knight and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or you can take on a lighter feel like The Avengers. Star Wars mixes these two feelings in a very refreshing way, but even so that is not enough to save it from some clichés and predictability. Even so, you can tell that J.J. Abrams tried very hard to stave off of the set structures and to offer his viewers something new, and that effort alone is very commendable.

What I predict will be a large issue with the audience, is that the film is too long. But in its defense, what are you expecting? The film was trying to live up to one of the first great blockbusters, and in doing so it had to be an epic, with so many side stories and hidden mythology that it will keep fans coming back to analyze time and time again; much along the lines of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film needed to be big, because it had an important legacy to carry out. But in film, with size comes risk; thankfully J.J. Abrams was at the helm, and after successfully jump starting another two loved franchises with Mission: Impossible III and Star Trek, he had managed to reboot Star Wars as well. Abrams, is quickly becoming a master of quality blockbusters, his resume also includes one of the first shows of the Golden Age of TV (Lost), and a collaboration with Steven Spielberg in Super 8; even if he only signed up for one Star Wars, he has successfully regained fandom and critic’s praise for the franchise.

The acting was incredibly balanced, you had some seasoned veterans like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer, who reprised in their roles from the original film, and also a batch of new comers: John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Then there are also some current and trending actors, like Adam Driver, who does a great job as the villain, Oscar Isaac, who plays a charismatic X-wing pilot, and Domhnall Gleeson, who plays an evil commander. Simply put, the film has a phenomenal cast, and screen time is given out in small doses, so as to not oversaturate. But I was a bit disappointed that some of the actors were ignored and their stories possibly left for upcoming films; Gwendoline Christie had about two lines in the film, Andy Serkis also makes a cameo appearance, and I didn’t really even see Simon Pegg (curiously there is a cameo from Daniel Craig as a Storm Trooper).

So yes, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was a good time, but as carefully as it was put together, it isn’t able to avoid some of the blockbuster clichés, but then again, what are you expecting? Don’t go into this film thinking it’s  Boyhood. And as a beautiful sendoff to this revival Abrams leaves you with a cliffhanger and a final wordless scene that will surely give all Star Wars fanatics goose bumps



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