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Newcomer Egerton and Jackman’s Star Give Us a Underdog Movie


This is the second Olympic film to come out in the last two weeks, but I have to confess that this one, Eddie the Eagle was much more enjoyable than Race. Be it because of the more charismatic cast, less pressure on the screenwriters, or a combination of both, Eddie the Eagle is a much more entertaining and inspiring pastime.

Eddie the Eagle is the true story of a British boy named Eddie Edwards (Kingsman’s Taron Egerton) who dreams of going to the Olympics. After shuffling from the Summer to the Winter Olympics and from skiing to ski jumping, Eddie finally commits himself to qualifying for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Eddie goes to Germany where the best ski jumpers train, and there he manages to convince an ex American Olympian (Hugh Jackman) to train him.

The movie is a simple, feel-good attraction and it achieves its objective easily. I’d give a lot of credit to director Dexter Fletcher who is able to give us a calculated amount of cheesiness, but is wary enough not to overwhelm us. Fletcher also plays around and manages the predictability of his story (underdog fights against the odds and is successful) with the good contributions of his cast.

The cast was kept small, and mainly is only focused on Egerton and Jackman’s characters. Jackman is a complete movie star, and he is accustomed to a bit of tackiness every now and then, he knows how to control and manage audience’s expectations. Egerton, on the other hand, is still a bit of a rookie in the Hollywood game, although he did break in big with last year’s Kingsman, in Eddie the Eagle, he gives the film the crucial spark of passion. Egerton really dives into his character of Eddie and determinedly shapes his face and body to be like that of the historic figure, it is admirable to see the passion of the young actor.

In the end, Eddie the Eagle is the inspiring and feel-good movie of an underdog; it’s even more impressive given it all actually happened. The strong acting duo and a worthy director give us an enjoyable and satisfying movie. 




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