Begin Again

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An Honest Look Inside Musicians’ World With a Great Cast and Amazing Songs

It’s hard to find a good, truthful, and realistic movie nowadays, even harder to find one that has amazing music. Begin Again has ended such search, for now. The film mesmerizes us with its songs, actors, and story as they portray a beautiful yet honest picture of the musical world.

The story is broken up following two characters and their failures in the musical world of New York. There is Dan (Mark Ruffalo) who is the founder of a once-famous record company, but now spends his days drinking and oversleeping, which leads him to get kicked out of his own company. He also has a confused teenage daughter, Violet (Hailee Steinfield) who lives with her mother, Miriam (Catherine Keener), divorced from Dan. Then there is Gretta (Keira Knightley) who came to New York with her famous singing boyfriend, Dave (Adam Levine), to whom she sometimes writes songs for. However, fame gets to Dave’s head and after some greedy actions, Gretta gets kicked out of his life, leaving her stranded in New York, with the only help from a broke friend named Steve (James Corden). By chance Dan has a couple of drinks in a bar that Gretta is coincidently dragged to as well. Steve is performing a gig, and he encourages Gretta to perform one of her working songs. Gretta uses only a guitar and her voice, but Dan (being extremely drunk) adds different instruments in his head as Gretta performs, creating the most memorable scene of the entire film. Dan and Gretta then team up to make an album using New York as their studio and background noise.

The ability to have such great actors working together to tell a story and not grab a spotlight for themselves is the major achievement of this cast. The definitive actors were chosen very carefully, Ruffalo does a spectacular job and he handles his character with surprising ease. Knightley also amazes as she steps away from blockbusters that flourished and overused her image as a woman. In this film, she dresses simply, without wanting to draw attention, almost as if saying “I’m here to act not model” and she certainly shows us that she can act, and very well. Then there is the name of Adam Levine, to who Begin Again is his debuting feature as an actor, and boy! Levine maintains a constant passion throughout the movie that leads you to clearly see what is going through his character’s mind. He keeps his portrayal simple, yet deep. I was very surprised how natural it came to him; he seemed to have been acting for decades.

Of course the undeniable perfection of this film comes from the spectacular music. Not only was the instrumental soundtrack great, every single song was a work of unbelievable art. I certainly would find it hard to choose a song to nominate for Best Song of the Year, the likes of “Lost Stars” and “A Step You Can’t Take Back” being among the best.

This film allows for us to see what the music world is like. We see the artists that have fame make their head go above the clouds (Dave), we have an artists who take drugs or alcohol since it helps “inspire” them (Dan), and we have artists that have lost everything because of devotion of music (Steve). It gives one all this information through a positive and beautiful movie, almost as if warning us of the problem without wanting us to feel bad.

However, I could’ve used with some harder-worked-on dialogue. At some points the script left the actors juggling the meaning and flow of some scenes in solitude. It made the actors’ jobs harder, though thankfully it is not that noticeable since the great cast dealt with it fabulously.








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