She Said

Maria Schrader’s investigative reporters film is a competently gripping watch


Todd Fields return delivers an engrossing character study


The queer milestone is rather stale in its rom and coms


John Bodega delivers a career-best performance in this indictment of veterans’ treatment


Jordan Peele’s latest is entertaining, but fails to live up to the impossible expectations


Andrew Seman’s second feature is a bold yet inconsistent look at toxic relationships


Baz Luhrmann’s brings his bombastic flash to the King of Rock and Roll’s biopic


Alex Garland’s third feature brings his unique style and vision to an analysis of the patriarchy


Joe Wright’s musical adaptation is an overall winning take on the classic romance

La Fortuna

Alejandro Amenabar’s TV debut is a contemplation of the value of culture

The 355

Simon Kinberg’s all-female spy thriller is hopelessly generic



The Avenger’s long-awaited time in the spotlight is stolen by its supporting cast

Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest is an effective work on nostalgia and unconventional structure



Disney’s latest effectively uses magical realism to touching results



Kenneth Branagh’s most personal film, might be his strongest



Iciar Bollain’s latest is too restrained with its touchy subject, but largely triumphs



Pablo Larrain’s new biopic is an unconventional and bravely effective one



Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut is an effective long-awaited adaptation



Scott Cooper’s foray into horror is a brooding successful one



This moving documentary pushes the limits of its genre



Julia Ducournau’s newest continues evolving her bold and disturbing style



This bizarre directorial debut is fascinatingly original



James Wan’s return to horror delivers some great scares in a barebones narrative



The newest Aretha Franklin film collapses into music biopic cliches



Shyamalan’s latest brings an original concept but lacks effective execution



Pixar’s latest is a big step-down from their usual fare



The recontextualization of the Disney villain proves to be a winning character study

The Girls

The Girls

First feature film from Pilar Palomero beautifully explores the contradictions of modern Spain



The new limited series from Ryan Murphy is a deserved look at a forgotten icon

Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man

Guy Ritchie’s efforts don’t prevent this into becoming a forgettable crime-action flick



An unfocused tonal change from the Avengers: Endgame directors



Chloe Zhao’s latest delivers a poetic and immersive look at modern nomads

The Dig

The Dig

Simon Stone’s direction and strong performances elevate this biopic



Pete Docter does it again with a fascinating exploration of the meaning of life



Apple and Cartoon Saloon’s collaboration proves to deliver the best film from each yet

Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal

A rare exploration into the deaf world, with an ingenious use of sound design and some masterful acting



David Fincher’s first film in six years proves to be a slight let down



An immersive and heart-wrenching film, looking at the contradictions, frustrations, and escapes of its characters

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy

Ron Howard’s latest captures an emotional snapshot of America, but shies away from analyzing it

The Prom

The Prom

TV titan Ryan Murphy continues to struggle to find his cinematic stride



Christopher Landon returns with another genre mash that doesn’t necessary work as well



A Thrilling if Bare-bones Sophmore Effort From Aneesh Chaganty

On the Rocks

On the Rocks

Sofia Coppola partners up with Apple in an enjoyable, but socially incongruous film

The Glorias

The Glorias

The Gloria Steinem Biopic and its Ideological Ambitions Are Constrained by its Cinematic Format



Rich Symbolism Highlights Important Themes If At the Cost of the Larger Narrative



A Jumble of Tone, Structure, and Style Bring Down This Bold Biopic

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

An Informative and Effective Film about the Discovery of the Ukrainian Famine



Nolan’s Latest Continues His Complex Exploration of Time

The Rental

The Rental

Dave Franco’s Directing Debut Shows Sprouts of Potential but Withers Individually



A Symbolic Journey of the Tolls of Dementia with Effective Horror Restraint



A Thrilling War Film that Leans Towards Great Authenticity, If at the Cost of Characterization

Wasp Network

Wasp Network

Tangled and Indecisive Direction Waters Down this True Story into a Sluggish and Timid Affair



A Messy and Clichéd-Ridden Film that Mocks the Sides Its Attempting to Bring Together

Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee’s Expert Hand Allows A Effective Exploration of A Multitude of Themes in His Latest Film, Even if the Finale Devolves with Contradictions

the Half of It

An Incredibly Multi-Layered Film that Brings More Depth and Emotional Intensity than Its Genre Demanded


A Set of Thrilling Action Sequences Stringed Together By a Hazy Plot The action movie genre used to be the biggest draw in cinemas, however, with the rise of the superhero subgenre the more classic shoot-em-ups have been slowly fading in the background, finding a home in straight-to-video. Only...

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

A Complete Misfire in Every Way, This Adaptation From the Bestselling Book Is More of a Nyquil Rival



A Blatant Studio Film Which Is More Focused on Keeping up With Trends than Respecting Its Characters and Story.



Josh Trank’s Follow Up to His Blockbuster Embarrassment is a Dull and Sloppy Affair.

The Hunt

A Bold Film Asking Viewers to Look at Today’s Polarizing Society in the Guise of an Action Thriller.


A Satisfying Pixar Entry that, While Better than Other Animated Content, is “Tame” by the Studio’s Standards.


Another Stale American Remake of a Superior Foreign Language Film Despite Parasite (2019) winning the Oscar for Best Picture, Americans still find it extremely hard to watch a foreign film. While we might hopefully not be getting a Parasite remake (there is an HBO series in the works, but produced...

The Gentlemen

Ritchie Goes Back to the Format and Genre that First Launched His Career with a Stellar Cast, Delivering a Fun Ride


A Chaotic Film That Bungles Its Narrative, Characters, Massive Budget, and All-Star Cast It’s surprising to say, but out of all the iterations of the Dolittle story, the seeming trashy Eddie Murphy ones are the best. They were able to capture the ridiculousness of the premise of a doctor who...


An Incredibly Immersive and Captivating Film with A Powerful (and still unfortunately timely) Anti-Bellicose Message

While at War

A Cautionary Film that Seeks to Show the Dangerous Clash of Ideologies and Their Blind Devotees

The Two Popes

A Delightful Film With Stellar Performances, But Which Seems to Shy Away from the Shadows Surrounding it

Uncut Gems

The Safdie Brothers’ Collaboration with an Unlikely Cast Bring About An Exhilarating Film


Two Beautifully Crafted Narratives and Atmospheres Which Struggle to Smoothly Gel Together


The Popular Andrew Lloyd Weber Proves to Be Indigestible The “Cats” musical has proven to be one of the biggest success stories in stage history, both on Broadway in New York as much as the West End in London. The musical was adapted by legendary Broadway writer/composer Andrew Lloyd Weber from a...

Honey Boy

A Perfectly Balanced Film that Delves into Deep Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Trauma


A Film About the Fox News Scandal that Suffers from A Messy Structure, but Thrives in Its Atmospheric Immersion Fox News arose in the 1990s as a refreshing option for conservative Americans. The network grew to be the biggest news conglomerate in the United States. This was all thanks to a...

Richard Jewel

Eastwood Fails to Shake Off a Very Black-and-White View of the Eponymous Character’s Tribulations

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

A Smaller Yet Satisfying and Professional End to Jesse Pinkman's Journey It’s curious, a couple of years ago the jump from TV to film would be the sign of big things to come: bigger budget, higher audience reach, etc. However, as TV and streaming have exploded in the past five years, this jump to...

Ford v. Ferrari

An Expertly Executed Film that Breaks Out of its Mold Taking a Deeper Look at Corporate Politics and Car Mechanics

Knives Out

A Fun and Refreshing Take on the Murder-Mystery Genre, with More Political Depth than Anyone Expected

Dark Waters

A Quietly Restrained Film that Expertly Delivers On the Trembling Rage of Its Scandal The courtroom film has been a very prolific subgenre, managing to show the intricacies of American justice, with a frequent penchant for flair. The likes of To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), The Verdict (1982), My...

Doctor Sleep

A Character Study that Relies on Dread Over Jump Scares It’s hard to imagine today, but The Shining (1980) was a tremendous financial flop back in its day. It was with video release that the film slowly began to attract a cult following. After nearly 40 years, and six years since Stephen King...

Charlie’s Angels

A Socially Well-Intentioned Film that Falters with Tonal and Directorial Flip-Flopping Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981) was one of the few properties from the past that empowered women, while at the same time taking advantage of a bit of objectification. The property was exploited with good awareness...

Jojo Rabbit

A Hilarious and Yet Dramatically Powerful Look at Nazi Ideology Wrought with Perfect Balance by Taika Waititi

Last Christmas

A Seeming By-the-Numbers Holiday Romance Invigorated by Witty Writing, Adept Directing, and a Magnetic Lead

Midway (2019)

A Surprisingly Solid and Respectful War Film from Roland Emmerich, that Still Trips into Treacherous Pitfalls

The Lighthouse

A Captivating and Unique Film in All its Aspects, Which Delivers a Multi-Layered View of the Human Mind

The Current War: Director’s Cut

A Visually Appealing and Informative Piece that is Missing Some Pause and Character Focus The Harvey Weinstein scandal in 2017 sent shockwaves around Hollywood as well as the world. The allegations proved so condemning in the public eye that the Weinstein Company production company was liquidated,...


A Unpredictable and Enrapturing Film that Proves to Be One of the Experiences of the Year


An Important Exposition of a Historical Figure, Marred by the Responsibilities of Being the First Film to Tell Her Story

Gemini Man

The Experimental Effects End Up Distracting from an Already Generic and Unimaginative Story


A Bold Cinematic Piece that Takes on an Unexplored Perspective with an Insuperable Joaquin Phoenix


Zellweger’s Performance Dazzles and Justifies the Viewing of an Otherwise Limited Film

Ad Astra

A Visually Stunning Space Epic Whose Story and Concept Seem Only Half-Finished.


A Promising and Serious Perspective is Tangled with Irrational Comedic Moments and a Dispersed Structure

The Goldfinch

Delicate and Faithful Directing Along with a Stellar Cast, Are Dragged Down by a Flat Ansel Elgort

Blinded by the Light

A Fun Integration of The Boss' Songs with a Poignant and Emotional View into Multiculturalism in Britain It seems to be the year of the music biopic. There has been a surge of music biopics since Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) immortalized Queen. 2019 has brought us the lives of Elton John in Rocketman...

IT Chapter Two

Set 27 Years Later, the Now Adult Characters and Pennywise Return to Recapture the Dread of the First Film

The Farewell

A Revelatory Film with Its Bold Foray into a Difficult Subject and Highlighting the Talents of Wang and Awkwafina

Ready or Not

A Tense and Enjoyable Fable-like Horror Film Commenting on Multiple Relevant Issues of Today

Good Boys

The Young Performers’ Erring Performances Are Evidenced by Weak Directing


An Intelligent Sophomore Outing From Ari Aster With A Less Scary Yet Effectively Unsettling Film


A Satisfying Horror Follow-Up to Jordan Peele’s Get Out


A Fun Entry into Richard Curtis’ Filmography, Enhanced by the Leads, Music, and Director

The Dead Don’t Die

The Successful Horror Hordes Get a New Look in Jim Jarmusch's Take of the Genre The zombie genre has been surprisingly flexible to infuse symbolism. Since the mainstream launch of the genre with George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968), the genre has explored the fear that people had with...

Late Night

A Bold and Enjoyable Movie for the Majority of its Runtime that Betrays its Own Ideals in Its Finale

Dark Phoenix

Timid Filmmaking and an Unmotivated Cast Drag Down this Franchise Bookend  It’s curious that the recent comic book craze was started unknowingly by X-Men (2000) nearly 20 years ago. That franchise has gained momentum as the studios around Fox developed their own sustaining cinematic universes....


A Promising Team Is Incapable of Breathing any Thrills, Stakes, or Entertainment into this Dud


Bold and Risky Filmmaking Along with an Invincible Lead Performance Bring Us One of the Films of the Year


Olivia Wilde's Directorial Debut Proves to Be a Hilariously Enjoyable Ride  The high school coming-of-age story has been done in film countless times, and yet the exploration of such an experimental age keeps providing material for filmmakers to explore. However, the stories of maturation have...


A Curious Spin on its Genre Bogged by a Bland Lead and Reliance on Gore When there is enough saturation in any given genre, there are attempts to experiment and spin new perspectives. Such is the case with Scream (1996) in the horror genre, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) with the musical....

Aladdin (2019)

A Remake that Recaptures the Fun and Enhances/Corrects Other Aspects, but Shadows the Former Too Closely.

The Hustle

A Dud Gender-Switch Remake That Lacks Originality and Respect For the Cause It’s Trying to Push

Hellboy (2019)

The Reboot Tries to Set a New Tone that Simply Tears Down the Essence and Fun of the Story


A Crammed Biopic That Smartly Deviates from Its’ Subject’s Works

Avengers: Endgame

Marvel Bookends its Infinity Saga With a Cinematic Experience of Heroic Proportions That Fully Delivers.


Another DC Film that Breaks From the Moody Mold of its Predecessors And Proves to Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Captain Marvel

Another Satisfying And On-Brand Marvel Film that Breaks New Ground In Terms of Representation  The wave of female representation in blockbusters is finally finding traction. After the success of Wonder Woman in 2017 for DC, the rival superhero studio Marvel has released their first stand-alone...


Burton and His Style Fit Perfectly, But Heavy Focus on Humans and Weak Leads Bog Down This Adaptation


 A Talented Lead Actress and Director are Wasted on a Bad Script and Juvenile Editing A rumor has gone around Hollywood actresses, that in order to get awards attention you have to make yourself ugly. This seemed to be a pattern with the Oscars awarded to Charlize Theron for Monster and Halle...


Shyamalan’s Attempt at a Trilogy Falls Disappointingly Flat

Cold War

A Compact and Short Movie that Delivers the Emotional and Cinematic Punches of an Epic In order to tell an epic tale you don’t necessarily need to have a long runtime. A two hours plus movie doesn’t necessarily grant an approval of being a good film, and yet many filmmakers and Hollywood seem to...


An Expertly Made Film of an Incredibly Hard Subject to Bring to Screen

The Mule

The Veteran Filmmaker Keeps Churning Out Films, with His Latest Being His Return to Acting


A Film that Breaks the Sexism and Lack of Plot from the Previous Transformers Movies with Style The Transformers franchise has come to symbolize a behemoth of capitalistic consumerism, with blatant branding being shown in every frame and shameless exploitation of women as objects and explosions...


A Poetic Film From Cuaron that Triumphs in Art But Will Alienate Mainstream Viewers with Its Pacing and Story

Beautiful Boy

The Film Gives Plenty of Moments for its Two Stars to Shine, but Loses itself Structurally.

Ben is Back

An Underreported Issue is Brought to Light By A Competent Film With a Fabulous Roberts and Hedges

Green Book

Peter Farrelly Makes a Successful and Inspiring Switch to Drama with the Help of Two Stellar Lead Performances

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Melissa McCarthy Delivers a Smart Dramatic Turn in this Accomplished Feature Melissa McCarthy is known to movie fans for being the intense comedic actress that can have you rolling on the ground laughing in a second’s notice. The American actress showed a dramatic side of her in the 2014 film St....

Boy Erased

Joel Edgerton's Sophmore Directorial Effort Delivers a Mixed Bag, Despite a Tremendous Lucas Hedges  Dramas about homosexuality can be hard to conceive, as it is easy to fall into pitying the protagonist(s), this especially can happen when the filmmaker is straight. However, Joel Edgerton has...

Creed II

The Latest Rocky/Creed Entry that Tries to Strike a Balance Between Looking Back and Moving On It’s hard to believe that the eighth entry of this boxing franchise is keeping the series strong and running; even if it is the same rehashing story of the underdog. The new Creed franchise is a...


A Sluggish Pace and Abundant Sub-Plots Drag Down a Good Premise and Impressive Cast

At Eternity´s Gate

A Film with Right Intentions but Wrong Measurements in Bringing About An Artistic View into Van Gogh’s Life.

The Grinch

The New Dr. Seuss Adaptation Proves Charming Enough to Remind Viewers of the Author’s Magic

Outlaw King

Great Intentions Are Dragged Down by an Insecure Lead Performance and Accumulated Stumbles


A Movie That Requires Patience But Is an Enjoyable Character Study with Strong Performances

Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek Gives the Film Some Heart and Pace that Off-Screen Drama Jeopardized  Sometimes the drama that goes into making a movie can eclipse the actual story being told. However, when the film you’re trying to make is about the rock band Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury, it’s hard to...


Jonah Hill Delivers a Stunningly Powerful and Complete Debut Feature

First man

Another Success For Both Chazelle and Gosling, Who Deliver a Fitting Tribute to Neil Armstrong


Marketed As a Super-Villain Film, The Actual Product is Yet Another Origin Story. Been There, Done That

Christopher Robin

A Warm Film That Plays it Safe But Delivers Well There’s nothing wiser than a child. Children are gifted with not having the complexities of life drilled into them, and thus are able to approach every situation with simple solutions that seem to be answers sought by life-long philosophers. This...

A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper’s Directorial Debut Is a True Success With a Powerful Lady Gaga Performance.


Lee’s Latest Rediscovers Some Narrative Balance But Still Doesn’t Harken his Greatest Films


The Innovative Way the Story Is Told Plus A Gripping Story Combine For a Thrilling Ride


Another Sci-Fi Project from the Stranger Things Producer that Falls Short of His High Bar

Crazy Rich Asians

A Funny and Emotional Romantic Comedy that Breaks the Dry Streak of the Genre The romantic comedies phase lasted from the early 90s to the mid-2000s with great hits such as Love Actually, Notting Hill, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Bridget Jones’ Diary. In the past decade, the genre has died out,...

Ocean’s 8

A By-the-Numbers Remake/Sequel Who’s Leads Manage to Infuse Some Spark Into a Safe Script


Meshing Revenge-Tale and Sci-Fi Proves to be Fruitful for Leigh Whannell’s Second Directorial Outing

Deadpool 2

The Merc-with-a-mouth Returns In a Blander Sequel When the first film in a series is such a success, it’s very hard for any sequel to live up to the standards set. Deadpool was a surprise hit that became a cinematic phenomenon with its satirical take on the superhero genre; naturally we’ve...

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s Unique Style Sharpens As He Delivers Yet Another Original and Creative Tale

Red Sparrow

A Spy Flick Centered on Gore and Seduction that Proves Acceptable and Disappointing at the Same Time


A Mellow and Disappointing Film from a Much More Talented Filmmaker

Game Night

An Original and Witty Comedy that Comes as a Breath of Fresh Air for the Genre

The Cloverfield Paradox

A Quality Franchise with Innovative Marketing Techniques is Let Down with a Generic Film The Cloverfield movies’ marketing campaigns have been absolutely fascinating to watch. The first trailers or posters for the films have been announced mere weeks before the film is set to premiere (when some...

12 Strong

A Blatantly Patriotic Propaganda Film Targeting a Very Specific Audience


Indie Director Alexander Finally Gets a Big Budget and Creates An Incredibly Original Yet Wrongly Marketed Film Alexander Payne has always been a director given small budgets, focusing on personal stories that comment on a larger aspect of the human or American life. His previous works include...

The Post

A Well-Made Spielberg Film that Harkens a Warning About the Current Treatment of the Press

Lady Bird

An Incredible Directorial Debut Which Delivers A Fabulously Relatable and Original Film


Another Wonderful Pixar Film that Delves into A Colorful and Lush Culture Pixar, just like many Hollywood studios, has fallen into the sequlitis wave, their last fully original film was back in 2015 with The Good Dinosaur, and even that was an adaptation of a children’s book. The next slate of...

The Disaster Artist

James Franco Pulls Double Duty as Director and Actor and Considerably Succeeds The 2003 film The Room is widely considered the worst movie ever made. Many dubbed it as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” The incredible character of Tommy Wiseau is the writer, director, and star of this film; his...

Darkest Hour

Another Failed Attempt That Ends Up Summarizing Decisions Rather Than Analyzing the Man Making Them Gary Oldman is known as the “Chameleon” for shape-shifting into his different characters; to give an example he can play bad-ass sexy wizard Sirius Black in Harry Potter, or he can play an equally...

Call Me By Your Name

A Delicate Romance that Mixes European and American Filmmaking Many Americans see the history of cinema as only that of films made inside the United States or with American actors; many disregard the incredible material and milestones reached outside American borders. In the case of American films...

American Made

An Incredible True Story That Brings Both Entertainment, Quality, and One Hell of a Tom Cruise Performance.


Arronofsky Delivers a Film that Had Good Intentions, But Spiraled Out of Control


A Solid Adaptation Stronger In It’s Character Arcs than the Horror

Wind River

Taylor Sheridan Delivers Another Satisfying Look at the Fading Midwestern America


A Fantastic Mockumentary on A Man’s Fall from Grace, Funded by the Director Alone

Despicable Me 3

An Original Villain Keeps this Third Installment Fresh Enough Illumination Entertainment is an absolute cash behemoth. They’ve only released seven films, but that has been enough to eclipse the likes of Dreamworks (which they bought through their parent company Universal) and become one of the...

The Book of Henry

A Chaotic Script With Unenergetic Directing Child actors are becoming rare in modern times, mostly due to stricter union rules, but also because of the awareness of how fame ruins childhoods. However, we’ve had a recent batch of great young actors, the two most prominent of which have been paired...

Cars 3

Pixar's Most Embarrassing and Lazy Cash Grab Pixar has been the staple of quality in Hollywood for nearly two decades. However, their recent foray into sequels has seen a slump in recent outings like Monster’s University, Finding Dory, and Cars 2. The latter title has spawned a third film, which...

Wonder Woman

A Woman Power Superhero Film That Breaks Glass Ceilings and Stagnated Superhero Tropes Alike


A Wasted Cast in a Badly Written and Lazily Directed Summer Flick.


A Good Premise Is Carried Through With Generic Satisfaction

Get Out

A Promising Debut for Jordan Peele with this Subtle Horror Flick


Jackman Gets Sent Off With a Gritty and Violent Splash


A Powerful Performance from the Suave Actor Fits Well With an Entertaining True Story


Shyamalan Gets His Sh*t Together And Delivers A Satisfying Horror Film


An Ambitious Premise That Plays It Safe After The Preceding Studio Misfires


An Adorable Film With A Great Musical Playlist That Shies Away from Some Narrative Decisions


A Positive Adaptation of the Short Story, That Nevertheless Falls into Kiddie-Film Tropes


Washington Throws His Hat in the Ring to Be Considered A Great Director as Well As Actor

Collateral beauty

An Underwhelming Ensemble Piece Where Most of the Cast Were Cashing In Every year there’s a Christmas ensemble film, the best of which has probably been Love Actually. This year we got Collateral Beauty, another ensemble piece about the values of life in Christmas time. Collateral Beauty is the...


Another Great Thought-Provoking Film from the Canadian Auteur, Who This Time Tackles Aliens.

Miss Sloane

An Incredibly Smart Political Drama Whose Speedy Narrative Might Cost it Some Audience Members

La La Land

A Nostaligic Return to the Musical Genre That Captures Us All With It’s Grace and Ambition


An Incredibly True Story of How a Man Searched for His Family


A Spectacular Reaction Of Filmmakers and Performers Brings Us an Incredible Biopic to Behold


Disney Delivers Another Sure Hit With Great Enjoyment for Everyone


A Let-Down From The Creative and Acting Team As the WWII Thriller Barely Rapts Your Attention.

Doctor Strange

Yet Another Appeasing Film from the Comic Behemoth That Continues Delivering  Marvel is becoming a world power within Hollywood itself. It’s snagging up A-list talent left and right for the best and for the worst. Its Marvel Cinematic Universe idea has been snagged up by other studios (notably DC...


Jeff Nichols Delivers Another Subtly Acted and Directed Film That Comes At An Extremely Relevant Time


A Predictable and Generic Thriller that Picks Up Thanks to a Nail-Biting Last Act


A Touching Look at the Upbringing of a Black Boy as He Determines Who He Wants to Be

Deepwater Horizon

A New Hollywood Partnership Shows Potential for a Bright Future Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg have struck an incredibly productive partnership. The director and the movie star have collaborated on two previous projects, one was the war film Lone Survivor in 2013, and they also both produced the HBO...


A Surprisingly Winning Film, that is Full of Fun for Adults as Well as Kids


Eastwood and Hanks Take on A Film With Little Story and Produce A Stirring Picture

War Dogs

Director Todd Phillips Tries to Transition to the Dramatic Genre With an Uneven Film

Cafe Society

A Classic Woody Allen Film That Lives Up to Expectations Woody Allen is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time; over his career he has averaged more than one film per year. It’s normal to see a Woody Allen film come out every year, some are considered simply average works, and others stand...

Central Intelligence

The Two Biggest Stars Deliver a Satisfactory Buddy Comedy  The two most bankable stars in the world right now are Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. The first made his career in stand-up shows and in comedy films. The second one started off as a famous WWE wrestler, and then moved on to big action...


A (Finally) Notable Video Game Adaptation that Does Well to Imitate Lord of the Rings

The Nice Guys

The Controversial Shane Black Confirms His Second Comeback With a Great Buddy-Cop Comedy

Angry Birds

A Bold Tackle at Adapting a Video Game, but Whose Story is Too Generic and Played Safe.


A Notable Effort from Vallée that Gets A Bit Lost With Its Contradictory Characters Jean-Marc Vallée is one of my personal favorite directors. He has created such great films like Dallas Buyers Club, Wild, and the fabulous C.R.A.Z.Y. His most recent film, Demolition, teams him up with the superb...


Schwentke and His Creative Team Stagnate Themselves With A Dull Script and Bored Stars.


A Funny and Satirical Superhero Parody Being able to laugh at oneself is one of the most admirable and useful things in life. It allows you to take self-criticism and in a way, it helps you become a better person by identifying your faults. Marvel is one of the most powerful movie studios in...


A Slow Film that Is Too Afraid of Taking Itself Seriously

The Revenant

DiCaprio and Iñarritu Produce Another Incredible Film That Pushed Both Their Limits


Jennifer Lawrence Sustains a Crazy Film from David O. Russell


An Inspiring Look at the Trauma that Affects American Football Players American football is the most popular sport in the United States of America. It generates more money than many other professional industries, and thus is one of the most powerful organizations in America. In Concussion we see...


A Great Art Film that Might Be a Little Too Abstract for Most People

The Danish Girl

A Masterclass in Acting and One of the Best Films of the Year Entertainment was made in order to take people out of the world they are living in, and go to an entirely different one. This goes back to the bread and circuses of the Roman Empire and all the way to today, where entertainment has been...


An Uneven Film That Ends Up Being Another Forgettable Gangster Flick


 An Incredibly Subtle Film That Is Well Rounded With Two Brilliant Performances Subtlety is a crucial thing in film, and something that is often discarded by many viewers. It is incredibly hard to make a subtle film, but if successful the quality boosts right up, because it is basically telling...

By the Sea

A Good Progression from Jolie on the Director's Path, but Still Not There Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are probably the most well known couple in Hollywood. They are both stellar actors, and recently Jolie has also started to direct feature films. In By the Sea, Pitt and Jolie are reunited as...


Spain’s Oscar Entry Is A Disappointing Film With An Incredibly Forced Story


A Colorful Film that Explores Immigration's Heart We haven’t really had a good immigration drama in, well years. The most memorable of all films is certainly The Godfather Part II (1974), but we also mustn’t forget how well Once Upon A Time in America (1984) portrayed the difficult life of...


An Incredibly Disappointing Entry (Send-off??) to Craig’s 007


One of the Best Films of the Year, and One of the Best Journalistic Movies of All Time


An Intermittent Script Brings Down the Efforts of a Great Cast


A Great Cast Pulls Off a Film with An Otherwise Timid Script Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to watch food porn? All of the cooking and restaurant movies make the audience’s mouth water, be it a good film or not. You simply fill the screen with montages of cooking and you’re already guaranteed a...


An Incredibly Philosophical Film With Great Performances From Its Leads

The Walk

An Irregular Film Whose Last Act Gives Us One of Cinema’s Unique Moments

Crimson Peak

Del Toro's Latest Outing Finds Him Searching for His Prime Artistry Guillermo Del Toro is a director who has fallen on hard artistic times. He made his big breakout with Pan’s Labyrinth, but then slowly descended into the blockbuster world with the Hellboy series and Pacific Rim, to the point...

Bridge of Spies

A Great Team of Filmmakers That Produce a Simple Satisfying Film Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest American directors of all time. He charmed us with Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), scared us with Jaws (1975), and made us cry with E.T. (1982). His latest film, Bridge of Spies (2015), is an...

Black Mass

A Film That Despite a Slow First Half Reminds Us of the Old Gangster Greats


A Dark Look Into the Mexican Cartel War That is Ripe With Great Performances


A Solid and Cute Film Headed By Lily Tomlin Whose Finale Is Too Tacky


The Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Doesn’t Dissapoint


The Prequel/Spinoff Proves that Minions are Great as Supporting Characters Only

Ted 2

A Film That May Be Hilarious To Some and Insultingly Boring To Others


A Great Story and Cast Lead A Film Whose Message May Be Taken the Wrong Way Dope is a very original and unique film, in that it places an unusual character: Malcolm (Shameik Moore) a geeky, straight As student living in a dingy neighborhood of Inglewood, California, in the middle of a drug...


McCarthy Proves Again That She’s the Go-To Comedy Actress


A Risky Comedy That Sometimes Steps too Far but Largely Pleases the Show’s Fans


A Lazy Film Whose Story Throws All the Other Aspects Into Disarray.

Captain America: Civil War

A Satisfying Blockbuster, but Still A Blockbuster  This is the second film pitting two superheroes against each other after Batman v. Superman. It is also the second film that inserts a disappointing and unnecessary villain. Captain America: Civil War is a great blockbuster film, probably on the...

Sing Street

Another Music Themed Movie from Carney That Delivers Great Songs if Not a Great Film

Ex Machina

An Incredibly Acted Film Whose Ideas May Be Too Advanced for Most Audiences

Furious 7

The Film Sends Off Its Deceased Star Paul Walker In a Tender and Tearful Way


A New Director Goes Off the Rails To Appeal to the Masses and Make More Money

Mr. Turner

A Veteran Director Churns Out a Film that Disregards A Basic Story’s Guidelines


A Film Whose Faults Are Covered Up By Great Directing and Performance


A Slow Film With a Muddled Narrative and Weak Lead Performance


Jean Marc-Vallée Give Us Yet Another Incredible Film Held Solely by Witherspoon


A Dark, Raw Look into the Media World with the Help of a Resurrecting Jake Gyllenhaal


Rookie Director Chazelle Surprises Us All With his Unfiltered Look at a Musician’s World


Linklater Mesmerizes Us With A Simple Story That Makes This A Most Unique Film Just when you think everything has been done in cinema, in comes Richard Linklater to prove you wrong. Linklater is known for his unique films, where he completely goes against anything mainstream. One of his early...