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Val (2021)

This new Amazon Prime Video documentary, might seem at first like a puff piece about the 1980s and 90s star Val Kilmer, however, those who give it a try will be pleasantly rewarded.

Val is a view at a young, ambitious, and energetic boy who got to live out his dream. Kilmer filmed much of his life in home videos, including his time on set, thus we get a real perspective into his rise of fame. However, Kilmer remains an excited boy throughout, even in the present day scenes, where we follow Kilmer, not riddled with a voice box after beating throat cancer.

Val is a view at the dangerous spiral and black hole of fame. Our protagonist was able to evade the temptations and grasps in order to follow his true passions of making his own art, a truly admirable pursuit in a cut-throat industry. 

This only makes Kilmer’s current conditions, making it very difficult to act again, all the more painful, for a man who sought to fight for his own values, and who was seemingly punished by the Gods for it. Nevertheless, Val never demands any pity from viewers, showcasing its subject in a view of dignity and gratitude that truly makes viewers appreciate such a robust and contagious good humor.  



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